3 birthday cake decorating ideas


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the title of the recipe is 3 birthday cake decorating ideas

3 birthday cake decorating ideas
3 birthday cake decorating ideas

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Soda Bottle Cake:

Ingredients: 1.5L Empty Soda Bottle 400g Melted Chocolate 25cm Sponge Cake 400ml Cream (whipped) 150g Hazelnut cream Instructions: Cut a hole in the side of the soda bottle 10cm by 5cm, you need it to be fairly large to enable you to stuff the bottle properly. Take a piece of tin foil and place it over the top of the bottle and screw on the lid, this will help later. Pour in the chocolate through the hole you cut and then rotate your bottle to cover the whole bottle with chocolate. When you have a good covering you will want to leave this bottle upside down in the refrigerator until completely set. Cut your cake in half and whip your cream and place the cream in a piping bag. Place the hazelnut cream jar in some hot water this will help to get nice layers in the cake. Now time to fill the bottle, cut your cake into pieces so that it will fit through the hole. Now begin to layer start with cream, then cake, more cream and the nutella and then repeat until your bottle is packed full of your cake, cream and coconut cream. Chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Finally the delicate task of removing the bottle. You will need to work carefully and slowly to achieve this, a craft knife is much better than scissors. Begin at the hole and slide in the knife making slices into the plastic whilst carefully not cutting the chocolate. Most importantly be careful and do not cut yourself, better to have a cracked cake than cut fingers!


Cupcake cake:

INGREDIENTS for the frosting: 500ml whipping cream cream 1 packet of whipping cream stabilizer food coloring
for the base of the cake: 32 cupcakes hazelnut cream, as needed
INGREDIENTS FOR 20 CUPCAKES 4 eggs 200ml milk 220g sugar 280g flour 4tsp baking powder vanilla extract
DIRECTIONS 1. Whip the whipping cream and add the stabilizer to keep it firm. 2. Place 32 cupcakes on a tray making one giant cupcake. Make a hole in the center of each cupcake and fill it with hazelnut cream. 3. Decorate the first 4 rows with blue frosting and the remaining cupcakes with the pink. 4. Cover in colorful sprinkles and chocolate sprinkles.


Heart shaped cake:

Did you already know this trick? Here’s how to make heart shaped cake with a round sponge cake and a square one. This is how to make it into the perfect shape!

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