3 edible baskets recipes to try

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watch 3 edible baskets recipes to try , this awesome recipe 3 edible baskets recipes to try in our recipes website

the title of the recipe is 3 edible baskets recipes to try

3 edible baskets recipes to try
3 edible baskets recipes to try

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Strawberry Basket

• Glass Bowl
• Baking Paper
• Egg Yolk
• Pie Pastry
• Icing
• Strawberries And Cherries
• Melted Chocolate Method: Spread out the pie dough. Cut into 1 cm strips. Turn a glass bowl upside down and cover with baking paper. Place a strip of dough on the bowl, then another strip in the opposite direction to create a cross. brush on some egg yolk. Repeat the step placing the dough strips at different angles to create a star shape. brush on some more egg yolk and use a fork to press down on the point Where all the strips meet. To create the basket, start be weaving strips of dough between the strips that have already been placed on the bowl. the strips should be placed so that they go Over one strip, then under the next, over the next, etc. Repeat these steps until the bowl has been covered with the dough strips. cut off any excess dough. Take two strips and braid them. repeat this step two more times until there are 3 braided strips. Place two of them on the bottom edge of the bowl and the third one on the side in a c-shape. Brush the entire basket and the braided strips with egg yolk. Bake for 20 minutes at 200°. Once cooled, carefully remove the bowl from under the basket. Stick the braided handle to the basket using icing. Fill with strawberries and cherries, and enjoy with melted chocolate.

Braided Basket

Ingredients: 500 g (1 pound) pizza dough; 500 g (1 pound) dark chocolate; assorted fruits.
Instructions Roll out pizza dough and cut into strips. Pinch each strip together to make a rope. Brush outside of heatproof glass bowl with butter and dust with flour. Start braiding basket as shown on the video. Bake at 190C (375 F) for 25-30 minutes. Brush with egg before baking if you want extra glossiness and golden color. Remove glass bowl, fill bread basket with melted chocolate. Skewer your favorite fruits and dip into chocolate.

Fruit Basket

Ingredients - 1 melon - Blueberries - Blackberries - Strawberries - ⅓ cup sugar - ½ lemon, squeezed Take 1 large melon, and make a small slice at the bottom to create a stable base. Make 2 incisions halfway down from the top, leaving space in between cuts for the handle, then evenly cut in from each side. Scoop out any seeds and hull out most of the inside of the melon. Take the slices of melon that were cut from the handle, and use a melon baller to extract the fruit. Put all the fruit, sugar and lemon in a bowl and gently mix. Place the mix inside the bowl. Take a few strawberries. Hull the top and use a melon baller to clear the insides. Cut petals on the side of the strawberry and then push out the top. Place a melon ball at the bottom of strawberry to make a little strawberry rose! Garinish the rest of the fruit basket with strawberry roses and mint!

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