Acrylic nail modeling instructions for acrylic nails

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Acrylic nail modeling instructions for acrylic nails
Acrylic nail modeling instructions for acrylic nails

تفاصيل الفيديو Acrylic nail modeling instructions for acrylic nails, في قسم وصفات مجربة وصفات مجربة منوعة - Nail design with acrylic technology for stunning acrylic nails with nded. They had until now always try artificial nails with UV gel and want it again with the acrylic technique. However, you want your artificial nails with acrylic technique not be modeled in an expensive nail design studio, but rather try it myself? This is not a problem. With our nail design training DVDs you can model your artificial nails with acrylic technology itself. In our nail design training DVD we show you everything you need for it and what you need to know. Disinfect your hands first before you start. Find the perfect artificial nails - from tips in such a way that your natural nail is covered completely (also on the sides). Dulling the nail plate of your natural nail with a nail buffer or a design file with 180 grit paper. Please remove any dust particles and disinfect the nail plate with a cotton pad and some alcohol. Glue a Nail design tip glue the appropriate tip on the natural nail. Then file the transition of nail design tip and natural nail so that no transition is visible. Please cut only on the nail tip design and not on the natural nail. Now use a preparer and a natural nail nail design primers. First apply to the natural nail preparer on the natural nail and wait a bit. Then please carry on nail design primers. Take a glass and fill dappen dash some nail design acrylic liquid into it. There are various nail designs liquids, best you take one for beginners so that the acrylic liquid mixture does not dry as fast and you have enough time for modeling. Take a nail design acrylic brush, dip it into the liquid and strip it down again on the edge of the glass, so not too much liquid on the brush is. Dip the brush into the nail design acrylic powder and take a small ball on. For the nail tip, take a white acrylic powder, put the ball on the nail tip and model them. Whenever you first pick up a new nail design powder residue from the brush on a cloth and wipe again immersed in the liquid. After you have modeled the white lace finished, take a pink-colored acrylic powder and make it a nail construction. The acrylic powder depending on the liquid dries in about 3 minutes. So you do not need a UV lamp. After the artificial fingernail is completely modeled with acrylic powder, file with a file with 100 grit all the bumps and your nail into shape. Thus, the artificial fingernail gets a nice shine, polish with a polishing block him to a high gloss. Finally, you still carry on some nail oil and massage it gently a.
This nail design products you need for artificial nails with acrylics:
A file 100/180 grit he or electric cutter
Cotton pads
Acrylic Liquid for beginners
Powder white
Acrylic powder pink
Natural nail Preparer
A primer
Dappen dash
Polishing block
There are many other training DVDs from nded. Looks simple but clean times.
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