Delicious ideas using a single french baguette

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watch Delicious ideas using a single french baguette, this awesome recipe Delicious ideas using a single french baguette in our recipes website

the title of the recipe is Delicious ideas using a single french baguette

Delicious ideas using a single french baguette
Delicious ideas using a single french baguette

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Egg and ham baguette:

Ingredients: 1 Baguette 5 Eggs 9 Slices Ham 175g Gruyere Cheese 45g Butter 35g Flour 400ml Milk ½ Tsp Nutmeg Pinch of Salt and Pepper Instructions: Melt the butter in a pan and when melted add the flour. Cook for 3-4 minutes over a medium heat to cook out the flour but do not colour. Pour in the milk a little at a time, ensuring the last pour of milk has been incorporated fully before adding more. Continue until all the milk is used and you have a thick white sauce. Stir in the nutmeg, salt, and pepper and then add 150g of the Gruyere Cheese, then stir until melted and combined. Cut your baguette in half and then cut 5 circular holes in the top half of the baguette. Spread the cheese sauce on the base of the baguette and then lay out 4 slices of ham on top of the sauce. Sprinkle over the remaining cheese and then add the top half of the baguette. Move to a baking tray then form each of the remaining slices of the ham in to a ‘cone’ shape and then place in each of the holes you cut. Finally place an egg in each cone before baking at 180°C or 350°F for 10 minutes or until the eggs are cooked to your liking.


Potato baguette:

Ingredients: 4 potatoes; 2 cup cheese (mozzarella, cheddar). For the beef filling: ½ small onion, fried; 2 garlic cloves, minced; 1 cup ground beef, cooked; 1 tbsp paprika; ½ cup tomato sauce; ½ cup canned corn; ½ tbsp. chili powder. For the chicken filling: 1 cup grilled chicken, shredded; 2 tbsp green onion, chopped; 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese; 1/3 cup ranch dressing. For the broccoli filling: ½ small onion, fried; 1 cup broccoli, steamed; ½ cup sour cream; 1 cup mozzarella cheese. For serving: fried bacon, greens, sour cream.

Instructions Poke potatoes with a fork and bake for 1 hour at 220C/430F. Remove from the oven, let cool down, slice each potato as shown on the video and scoop the meat. Mix ingredients for each filling as listed. Arrange potato skins on the parchment covered baking sheet to make two halves of baguette. Fill potato baguette with three kinds of filling. Top with a mixture of parmesan and cheddar cheese. Bake at 180C/350F for 15 minutes. Serve topped with greens, crispy bacon and sour cream.


Braided baguette with bacon:

Ingredients: 1 baguette 250g bacon 30g ketchup 30g mayonnaise 120g mozzarella 300g salami sandwich cheese

Directions: Cut a baguette and add 15g mayonnaise, 100g salami, 60g mozzarella. Then add 100g salami, 10g ketchup and 6 pcs sandwich cheese. Add 10g ketchup and 100g salami. Add 10g ketchup again and strew 60g mozzarella. Now press the baguette gently. Wrap up the baguette into a bacon. Bake 170° for 45 minutes.

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