How to use pandoro for amazing desserts

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the title of the recipe is How to use pandoro for amazing desserts

How to use pandoro for amazing desserts
How to use pandoro for amazing desserts

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Pandoro cake:

one Pandoro, 300ml whipping cream, 300g mascarpone cheese, 10 chocolate and hazelnut pralines, 4 teaspoons of hazelnut cream.
Preparation: Slice the pandoro. Two of the slices will be used for the base and the second layer of the cake the rest will need to be cut in half and will be used as the frame of the cake. In the meantime, beat the whipping cream and add the hazelnut cream to it. Then add the mascarpone cheese and the pralines. Pour this mixture over the pandoro, repeat with another slice of pandoro and more cream. Decorate the cake using hazelnut cream and the whipped cream mixture. Freeze for one hour or refrigerate for 2/3 hours.


Pandoro roulade:

INGREDIENTS one pandoro one espresso coffee
for the cream filling 80g powdered sugar 100g hazelnut cream 350 g mascarpone cheese
cocoa powder, as needed
DIRECTIONS 1. Slice the pandoro, place the slices next to one another on a sheet of plastic wrap. Flatten them using a rolling pin. 2. Brush coffee over the pandoro, add the mascarpone cream and roll everything up. 3. Refrigerate the roulade for at least 2 hours. 4. Dust with cocoa powder and cut it into one cm slices before serving.


Pandoro truffles:

INGREDIENTS 300g pandoro 50g white hazelnut cream 100g mascarpone cheese one espresso coffee
hazelnut cream, as needed dark chocolate, as needed chopped hazelnuts chopped pistachios shredded coconut
DIRECTIONS 1. Crumble up the pandoro and mix it together with the hazelnut cream, mascarpone cheese, and the coffee. Shape this mixture into small balls. To make them even tastier, fill the center with hazelnut cream. 2. Freeze the truffles for one hour. 3. Dip the truffles in melted chocolate and sprinkle with chopped hazelnuts, chopped pistachios or shredded coconut.

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