Rainbow ice cream cake cones unicorn

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the title of the recipe is Rainbow ice cream cake cones unicorn

Rainbow ice cream cake cones unicorn
Rainbow ice cream cake cones unicorn

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This attractive rainbow ice cream cones are very easy to make, popular amongst children and for fans of the unicorn. Excellent for children parties or any family gatherings. This rainbow ice cream cake cones represent the unicorn horn and poop. This is part 1 (prepare and decorating rainbow ice cream cake cones unicorn horn and poop) where we prepare all our ice cream cake cones rainbow (for unicorn), part 2- leaf green and sky blue (for sully and mike from monsters university), part 3- rose pink (for peppa pig), part 4- yellow (for jake from "adventure time"). We bake all ice cream cake cones in part 1 and decorate them in different parts part 1- unicorn, part 2- sully and mike, part 3- peppa pig, part 4-jake.
1. Muffin baking tray for cupcakes
2. Box of vanilla cupcakes (or white cake mix)
3. Classic vanilla frosting (brought from supermarket)
4. Ice cream cones flat bottom
5. Box of marzipan
6. Different gel food coloring "Wilton" or "AmeriColor" (yellow, sky blue, red, pink, leaf green or others of your choice)
7. Soft sugar silver pearls
8. Rainbow dust silver and candy pink (or any others of your choice)
9. Toothpicks, cup cake cases, baking spray
1. In a large mixing bowl combine cup cake mix (you can use also white cake mix too) according to the instructions on the box, then divide cake batter into different plates and add a little of different gel food coloring to the cake batter according sky blue and leaf green for the sully and mike, rose pink for peppa pig, yellow for jake, rest color rainbow for unicorn (I divide cake batter into 6 plates: first - sky blue for sully, second- leaf green for mike,third rose pink for peppa pig, forth-yellow for jake, fifth color purple, sixth- color red. You can add more colors for the rainbow of your choice)
2. Line your muffin trays with cupcake cases and spray them generously with cooking spray.
3. Divide the batter into the baking cupcake cases. Only fill them half way full. Just fill the cups half way full, instead of 2/3 of the way full.
4. Stack the ice cream cones on top of the batter. Bake at 350F (180C) for about 13-15 minutes being careful not to let the batter burn.
5. Remove the cake cones from the oven and let them cool completely.
6.While cake cones are cooling down prepare marzipan for unicorn horns and poop, by dividing marzipan into parts and color each part into rainbow color (I divide marzipan into 6 parts and color into same color we use for the unicorn rainbow batter, put a little of different gel food color on each piece of marzipan and knead until it incorporate completely). For the unicorn poop : divide each colored marzipan into number of balls according how many do you want and roll them into small snails or sausages, then take one of each different color marzipan joint them together and twist a little, not too much, form resembles of that look like would be unicorn poop. For the unicorn horn: roll two small pieces of plain uncolored marzipan join them together and slightly twist in of shape of unicorn horn.
6. When you are ready to frost them, carefully remove the cupcake case. If cup cakes bigger then your ice cream cone simply remove excess with a sharp knife around ice cream cone.
7. Generously frost the cup cake portions of the cone. Put prepared unicorn poop and insert unicorn horns on top of the ice cream cake cones, then place soft sugar silver pearls, sprinkle silver and candy pink dust on top of the ice cream cake cones (use other decorations and different rainbow dust if you like)
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